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Our friendly, certified technicians use a sustainable, eco-friendly pest control application that is EPA-approved.

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Insects, arachnids, and rodents may seem like small problems. That is until they swarm and infect your home and your business. Stop them in their tracks with a simple phone call to our pest control company!

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our customers. When pests threaten your home or your business, we will be there with the tools and experience to make sure they never return. It’s more than just a house or a building; it’s your livelihood. Those pests will never take that away with help from our pest control team. Check out our services for more info on how we can help you.

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Day and night, pests and vermin never stop. Fortunately, neither do we. We take care of the problem at the source.

Licensed & Certified

Licensed & Certified

Our licensed pest control technicians stay up to date on the latest certifications in the industry as a way to ensure the best service possible. We have ample experience treating residential and commercial properties of all kinds for the pests that threaten your peace of mind.


Emergency Hours

A kitchen full of roaches, mice in the woodwork, black widow spiders in every nook and cranny—some pest infestations can’t afford to wait for service. As part of our quick-response pest control, we offer 24/7 emergency service for the times when immediate attention is required.

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Friendly Staff

A kind and honest pest control team can make all the difference. You’ll soon see why the staff at Nature’s Gate is known for these and other friendly attributes. We only hire the best pest exterminators in St. George, UT, who have a thorough knowledge of pest control in the area and who treat clients with the utmost respect.

Our services are designed to give all of our customers the attention and service they deserve. Say goodbye to your pest problem!


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Have questions about our treatment procedures? Here are just a few of the frequently asked pest control questions that our customers have.

It is! We use eco-friendly pest control sprays and materials instead of harsh pesticides that would leave harmful residue and long-lasting effects on your home or commercial property. Pests like wasps, spiders, and termites are dealt with at the source, keeping you and your family safe from bites and stings.

Absolutely. All of Nature’s Gate pest control professionals are background checked and certified to treat pests in homes and businesses. Not only are our team members friendly and respectful, but they also clean up after themselves and make sure to leave no mess behind when the job is done.

Inexperienced pest control can create more problems than they can solve. Picking up chemicals and sprays at big-box hardware stores may not be strong enough. If their nests or hiding places are disturbed, pests may simply move locations. Nature’s Gate Sustainable Pest Control makes sure pests are exterminated and never return, using eco-friendly alternative pesticides that leave no harmful trace behind.

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With a simple phone call, Nature’s Gate can start dealing with almost any pest issues on your property. We’ll be there in no time at all.



When you contact us via phone or message, we can schedule a pest control inspection. We get the job done right.



When you hire us, you will receive not only the tools and experience of our professional pest control team. You’ll also get smart and friendly service you can trust.