St. George


In the warm southern corner of Utah lies St. George, a community that has experienced monumental growth in the last couple of years. St. George has two advantages that very few other cities can claim: people flock to the area because of the attraction to Utah’s red rock plateaus and thriving technical job opportunities. Settled in 1861 by pioneers entering the region from the Salt Lake territory, St. George has been a locale that has attracted miners, adventurists, farmers, students, and even moviemakers for over 100 years.

The town was originally founded by farmers who hoped to make St. George a center for growing cotton, hence the region’s title of “Dixie.” Unfortunately, it was not to be. The cotton growing did not succeed as hoped due to the land’s arid soil. Despite this, St. George became known for something other than cotton: tourism. St. George is central to many different national parks and landmarks, including Zion’s National Park and the Grand Canyon, which has drawn huge numbers of tourists across the country and the world.

St. George is also home to the air traffic headquarters of SkyWest Airlines and has grown due to the large number of companies making St. George their home.

Getting Rid of Pests and Vermin in St. George

The hot summers and mild winters that St. George experiences make life challenging for pests. Their one goal: find shade and water. Unfortunately, there is usually a lot of both within the foundations of St. George homes. Any trash or refuse that mice and rats find will make the perfect place to thrive, and spiders and insects love the dark corners of garages and basements.

One of the fastest-growing industries in St. George is home construction because of the migration of families and individuals coming to live in the city. Concrete and construction sites are everywhere, and pests love these kinds of environments, especially ants and spiders. If you live near a construction site, it is best to be wary of any pests that may invade your yard first and your home second. And if you are a brand-new homeowner, it would be wise to monitor your new investment for pests that could have moved in before you!

Nature’s Gate is intimately familiar with all pests in St. George. If you find yourself needing pest control around St. George, give us a call. We can come help make your home the sanctuary it was meant to be.

Common Pests in St. George

Here are just a few of the species of pests that make life difficult for residents in St. George:

Wasps are an example of an insect that is as dangerous as it looks. When wasps create nests in outdoor buildings or home roofs, they make it a habit of staying for as long as the nest remains. Keep your children and your pets safe from the sting of these winged terrors until we can come provide wasp control near you.


Ants may appear harmless when you see a couple of them on the pavement in front of your house. But what happens if you have a whole ant nest right next to your home that refuses to be removed? The ant’s social structure remains as long as a single queen egg remains. If you have a continuous stream of ants, Nature’s Gate has the ant control know-how to get rid of them for good.


They may look cute and fluffy, but wild field mice carry many dangerous diseases in their feces that can spread to the food in your home. If you spot signs of mice or even see one darting through your kitchen, then you will know they’ve made a nest somewhere inside. When traps aren’t enough, Nature’s Gate can help find the vermin and exterminate them.

Pest Control St. George, UT

When you need pest control services you can count on in St. George, contact Nature’s Gate Sustainable Pest Control. No matter the pest, we can help stop the invasion and keep them from returning. Call us today!