The desert climate of St. George brings scenic weather all year long, but it also brings the kind of pests that thrive in those warm temperatures. Scorpions are never pleasant to think about, especially not in your home or workplace, so treating and preventing an invasion is vital to get right the first time.

What kind of scorpions do I have to look out for in St. George?

The key species of scorpion to look out for in the St. George area are the Arizona bark scorpion, the giant desert hairy scorpion, the black hairy scorpion, and the northern scorpion.
All scorpions are venomous, and though the majority are considered non-fatal to humans, their stings are incredibly painful. The Arizona bark scorpion is the most concerning out of the five species, as its venom can produce symptoms of severe pain, numbness, and even temporary paralysis in victims for up to 72 hours. All scorpion stings require immediate medical attention, especially to reduce the risk of fatal anaphylactic reactions in those that are allergic to the venom.
Scorpions will always seek dark hiding places. They vary in size, but their long flat bodies allow them to slip through even the smallest crevices. They’re attracted to moisture and can also take up residence in damp wood or plant debris piles surrounding your building. They will opportunistically seek shelter in any place available to them. This could include items like the work boots you left near the house, so it’s recommended to thoroughly inspect outdoor items before using them.

What general concerns should I have?

The biggest thing to worry about during a scorpion infestation is how difficult it is to avoid contact with one after they’ve invaded. Every dark corner has the potential to be their hiding place. As much as you seal and secure your house, an open window or door will be all they’ll need to seek shelter in your home or any open container you’ve left outside. This can be incredibly dangerous, especially if your household contains young children or elderly family members that will be more susceptible to the venom of even the weakest scorpions.
Like other arachnids, their presence may signify a dual infestation problem, since they reside where there is an abundance of other insects to prey on. Cockroaches and crickets are some of their preferred food sources, and termites can be at risk of detection if an influx of scorpions has been attracted to rotting wood in the area.

How can Nature's Gate help?

Serving the St. George area has made us experts on quickly addressing the domestic scorpion threat that plenty of our customers deal with. Our treatments are non-chemical and environmentally sound, so scorpion venom won’t be the only poison you’ll be avoiding during the entire process. We’ll treat your home to keep future invasions at bay, and we’ll think ahead for all the places you may not realize one of these pests could slip through. Our competitive pricing will help eliminate all your pest problems in the most affordable way possible.
Call us for a free quote if you’re dealing with a scorpion problem in the St. George area, and we’ll tell you why no one will be more dedicated and professional about getting you the pest control help you need.