New Harmony


While Southern Utah has exploded with growth in recent decades, the pastoral town of New Harmony, with its population of less than 300, has managed to fly under the radar. This idyllic community is peaceful and protected—literally since it’s surrounded by the picturesque peaks of Pine Valley Mountain, Bumblebee Canyon, and Kolob Canyons. New Harmony was originally settled by Mormon pioneers in 1852, and while still small today, it’s a thriving community of dedicated locals who love the peaceful pace of life and natural beauty.

Opportunities to get out into nature are plentiful here, as the Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness lies less than one mile outside the town’s boundaries. In less than 20 minutes, residents can be at the Kolob Canyons entrance to the world-renowned Zion National Park. On days when shopping and fine dining is more the focus, the metropolitan center of St. George is just 40 minutes down the road.

Getting Rid of Pests and Vermin in New Harmony

New Harmony’s warm sunshine and rural location are what residents love about the area; however, these same features often push spiders, mice, and other pests into your yard and home. Pests move indoors through any means necessary to find food, water, shelter, and cooler temperatures.

Once they’re there, it can be difficult to find and remove their nests for good. Mice, rats, and other animals are skilled at finding dark crevices to nest in, and spiders and other insects like to lay claim to undisturbed corners of your basement, attic, or porch. Don’t worry, though; Nature’s Gate is here to help with all your pest control needs in New Harmony.

Common Pests in New Harmony


Because New Harmony is located in the southern part of Utah, residents may come across scorpions in the area. There are more than 70 species of scorpions in the United States alone, which vary in size, color, and level of danger. However, all scorpion species are recognizable by their two front pincers and long curved tail with a stinger at the end. If you see any scorpions in your home, it’s important to remove them immediately to protect your family.

Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and hornets often nest in residential areas, and they can inflict painful stings that can turn serious in cases of allergic reactions or multiple exposures. While these pests are usually easy to identify, DIY removal attempts may not last very long and often serve to make the insects more aggressive. Keep your family and pets safe by enlisting our professional hornet and wasp control services.


Although mice and rats are small, they can do significant damage to your home and your health. These pests carry dangerous diseases that can pose serious hazards to the health of you, your family, and your pets, and they can contaminate your food and water supplies. Mice and rats can also cause costly structural damage by chewing through walls or electrical wires. Fully eliminating rodent infestations can be difficult, so call Nature’s Gate for professional rodent removal today.

Pest Control New Harmony

Nature’s Gate Pest Control is experienced with every kind of pest found in Southern Utah. We use eco-friendly methods to give you long-lasting pest removal results without risking the health of your family, pets, or environment. Our technicians will customize a pest control plan for your home and needs so you get the results you want.

If you’re seeing signs of a pest infestation on your residential or commercial property in New Harmony, give us a call today to see how we can help.