Santa Clara


As St. George continues to grow, so too do its suburbs. Tourism and industry have made their way into Washington County in the last two decades. But one town continues to maintain its status as a small town, despite its proximity to the city. Santa Clara, Utah, is a small town of about 7,500 that enjoys both the access to modern living and rural nature that can be found all over the county. With access to several schools, Snow Canyon State Park, and art venues like the Tuacahn Center for the Arts, Santa Clara is a wonderful place to call home.

The original town was Fort Clara, or Fort Santa Clara, built in 1854 and named after the Santa Clara River. Unfortunately, in 1862 the entire area was swept away by massive flooding, and many of the early settlers of the area died or suffered greatly. Now understanding the floodplains of the area, Santa Clara was refounded in the hills above, creating the area that the town now sits on. Through the rest of the 1800s, Swiss pioneers made their way to the town, creating a unique community that exists today. In fact, Swiss Days is a celebration held in September to commemorate the founders of the area.

Getting Rid of Pests and Vermin in Santa Clara

While the deserts of Southern Utah look uninhabited, they are home to a variety of pests, which can create a nuisance for many homeowners in the area. Many of these pests and vermin that take root in the foundations, roofs, and other tight spaces of homes. Water is a precious commodity to animal life. When animals find it in the sprinkler systems and interiors of Santa Clara homes, they are drawn there like moths to a light bulb. Trash like compost and plant waste is home to many different types of insects, and spiders love to make their webs in dark corners where their prey cannot see them.

As Santa Clara is both an old and a developing suburb of St. George, there are differences in the way pests go about disturbing the homes and residents that live there. Older homes are more at risk of termites and pests that have time to burrow into the home’s interior. New homes are at risk of becoming homes for vermin and other pests in the brand-new foundations of current construction.

Nature’s Gate has dealt with both new infestations as well as old ones. We remove pests permanently with traditional methods of pest removal as well as new methods that utilize environment-friendly chemicals that are safe for pets and children. Give us a call, and we can perform an inspection on your home and property, as well as give you an idea of what pest control will help you most in Santa Clara.

Common Pests Native to Santa Clara, UT

Pests can add difficulty to an already difficult life! At Nature’s Gate, we strive to help our customers remove any difficult situation that pests may cause to your lives and homes. If you’re a resident of Santa Clara, Utah, here are some common household pests you might find yourself dealing with:


For almost all spiders, they simply want a place where they can spend their time in the dark, catch bugs for prey, and multiply. Spiders are normally helpful creatures, but it’s the “multiply” part that’s the problem. Black widows, for example, lay eggs every September. If left to their own devices, every egg sac can add 1–12 spiders to your home’s pest problem. To help combat the spider population in your home or business, contact us for spider control in Santa Clara.


Just like all other insects, termites want two things: water and food. Water can be easily found in human homes. The worst part is that food can be too. Termites grind up the cellulose from wood with their mandibles to create sugar for themselves and multiply as they chew through the wood of foundations. Eventually, foundations can crumble completely from termite damage.


To many, the thought of encountering one of these arachnids is terrifying. And for good reason: scorpions are hidden predators that defend themselves quite well with a venomous sting. Although fatalities from scorpion stings are very rare, it is very dangerous for pets and children to get stung. If multiple scorpions are found inside your home or yard, it is best to call us right away!


When you encounter a wasp, you’re right to be scared. These pests are not only a nuisance but can prove to be quite dangerous. They often make their home in the roofs or outdoor areas of your home. Once wasps build a nest, they’ll remain in your home until the nest is dealt with. This is where our professionals at Nature’s Gate come into play. Keep your family and pets safe by hiring us to safely handle your wasp control in Santa Clara.

Pest Control Santa Clara

At Nature’s Gate Sustainable Pest Control, spiders, termites, scorpions, and wasps aren’t our only areas of expertise. No matter the pest that’s made a home in your house, our professionals can handle the job. This includes cockroaches, ants, earwigs, and more. We use a sustainable pest control product made to help combat all types of pests. The next time you have an issue with pests, trust our experts for the job.

Whether you need spider control, ant control, scorpion control, or another type of pest control, Nature’s Gate is here to help. We’re proud to provide effective pest control Santa Clara residents can rely on. Contact us today for pest control services in Santa Clara, Utah!