If you see something furry scurrying around your home, and it’s not your pet, it may be time to call Nature’s Gate. After all the time we’ve served the St. George area, we know that curbing a rodent infestation poses unique and time-sensitive requirements. We can help you identify the signs and type of rodent infestation while guiding you through the safe steps to take care of it, especially when one or two traps won’t cut it.

What Are the Common Signs of a St. George Rodent Infestation?

  • -Chewed through electrical wiring or other types of cords around the house
  • -Droppings in cupboards, pantries, sheds, garages, and other storage areas that have food and are easy to nest in. (The size and frequency of dropping depend on the species of rodent)
  • -Unpleasant, musty odors in the house
  • -Food items and packages appear bitten through
  • -Scratching heard through the walls of the home
  • -Visible scratches and gnaw marks
  • – Evidence of subterranean holes created by gophers, voles, and other burrowing rodents (ridges and mounds above ground or rivets and cracks below ground).

Though these are common signs, each rodent species comes with its own unique problems and proper method of capture or extermination. Here is a list of rodent control services we provide to help you tackle your specific pest control needs with safe and strategic techniques.

Common Rodents in the St. George Area


Trying to grow vegetation in a dry climate like St. George can be hard enough, so gophers destroying your gardens and landscaping doesn’t make things any easier. If you’ve planted anything with low-reaching roots, gophers are going to come looking for it, especially if you do what you can to keep your soil as moist as possible. To avoid diseases and parasites that can harm humans and pets while also avoiding the expense of a destroyed sprinkler system that comes with a gopher infestation, start taking action. Find out what you need to know and contact us to help.

Mice and Rats

Non-domestic mice and rats are a nightmare to find in your home, especially when they’ve made nests out of any available material or unseen space. They look for water and nutrients in the dirtiest places while surviving in a desert area like Southern Utah, and they leave all that disease and bacteria behind them in their droppings. One mouse or rat can turn into 4 or 14 because of how big their litters are, so taking care of them immediately is the best course of action.


Voles are a growing pest infestation in our areas of service. These rodents don’t hibernate, so they are active all year long while living and breeding in vast colonies. While they may look like mice, they burrow like gophers, and the way they tunnel far below the surface will wreak havoc on your landscape and gardens. Keep your yard safe and your family healthy by enlisting our rodent control services as soon as you see voles on your property.

Swift, Safe, and Sustainable Rodent Control Services

With Nature’s Gate Sustainable Pest Control, you are guaranteed speedy and friendly service when dealing with unwanted rodents in your home or business. Our sustainable pest control techniques are 100% eco-friendly, as we use safe chemical alternatives that won’t harm your children or your pets.

Since rodents are a very time-sensitive pest infestation, feel free to give us a call or reach out to us the minute you need rodent control in St. George. Our wide range of availability helps us provide you with the rodent control services you need when you need them. We serve the St. George area and the surrounding areas like La Verkin, Ivins, Santa Clara, and Washington. Contact us today to solve all your rodent problems!