Located in Clark County 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Mesquite is a growing city home to over 20,470 residents. Located within the Virgin River valley and next to the Virgin Mountains, this makes it a charming and picturesque town that many people choose to move to when they retire. Not only can you experience the beautiful scenes of the Virgin Mountains, but Mesquite is also close to the Mojave Desert, and has many casino resorts and golf clubs and courses.

First settled by Mormon pioneers in 1880, it took three attempts to successfully establish a community after having been flooded by the Virgin River. Settlers first called the town Mesquite Flat, but later shortened the name to just Mesquite. Its name comes from the mesquite timber which was found at the original site of town. Although the town started off as a primarily agricultural area, it soon started opening casinos and became one of the fastest-growing small towns in the nation.

Getting Rid of Pests in Mesquite

With its close proximity to the Mojave Desert, there are several different types of insects and rodents that call Mesquite home. But when these pests start to call your house their home, that’s when a problem begins. Instead of trying to rid your home of pests on your own, consider hiring professional pest control services.

At Nature’s Gate, we use environment-friendly pest control to take care of all types of pests that could be infesting your home. This means our treatment is free from harsh chemicals and safe to be around children and pets. When you’re looking for the right experts to take care of your pest issues, hire us at Nature’s Gate Pest Control.

Common Pests in Mesquite

If your home or yard has become infested with an unwanted pest, chances are that it’s something that is native to the Mesquite area. At Nature’s Gate, we’re knowledgeable about many native Mesquite insects and rodents and how to get rid of them. Here are some of the pests you might encounter in Mesquite:


If you’ve found a wasp nest attached to the outside of your home, chances are that those wasps will be living there as long as their nest survives. Not only can wasps be a nuisance, but they can be extremely dangerous if they sting. Instead of risking someone getting hurt, call Nature’s Gate to handle the problem.


Scorpions not only look scary but can be dangerous to be around due to their venom which can cause pain and even paralysis. If you’re noticing scorpions around your yard or even inside your home, hire our experts at Nature’s Gate to rid your home of them.


If you’ve discovered a nest of ants outside your home, this can quickly become an issue, especially if they make their way inside for food and water. Once you’ve seen ants, don’t wait any longer. Hire professional pest control services to remove the problem from your property as soon as possible.

Pest Control in Mesquite, NV

The next time you notice any type of insect or rodent on your property or in your home, make sure you’re hiring the best pest control company in Mesquite to get the job done. At Nature’s Gate Pest Control, we effectively and efficiently treat pests with our environment-friendly services. If you’re looking for reliable pest control in Mesquite, hire us the next time you need assistance getting rid of pests.