Ants are tiny pests that leave a big impact due to the colossal numbers they can nest in. The desert climate of St. George and the surrounding landscape provide the perfect environment for them to thrive in, and that, unfortunately, includes human property unless professional measures are used to assess and remove their colonies.

What kind of ants do I have to look out for in St. George?

The five primary types of ants to watch for in St. George are the Argentine ant, black ant, carpenter ant, fire ant, and the Pharaoh ant. Uncovered food will usually attract ants, and various species have their preference of material to bring back resources or expand their habitat. You can begin to identify an ant infestation by paying attention to food overrun with ants or looking for the presence of their colonies, depending on the species.

Black ant colonies will drill tiny holes into the outside soil. Fire ants and pharaoh ants will create identifiable mounds. Carpenter ant colonies can cause a hollow sound within the wooden structures they drill through, and they may leave tiny wood shavings behind. Ants can also be found anywhere there are frequent leaks or in damp areas with rotting wood.

What general concerns should I have about ants?

The greatest concern with an ant infestation comes with knowing that spotting a few ants may signal that thousands have already invaded, hidden from view. Colonies can invade gardens and backyards swiftly with ease. The greatest danger comes when the ants begin infesting the walls of your home and start eating through building materials.

Carpenter ants can damage the wooden structures of the house as they build their colonies. Pharaoh ants can eat through silk and rubber, and fire ants can find their way under your carpet or inside your electrical equipment. Fire ant infestations can also pose unique health risks to your family. The venom in their stings can cause skin irritation and potentially fatal allergic reactions. Ant control services can help keep your building and family safe.

What should I do to prevent an ant infestation?

When dealing with any pest, it’s always easier to prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place than to take action against an infestation that’s already present. Focusing on preventative action is an effective way to reduce your risk of experiencing a pest infestation in your home someday in the future. This rule of thumb applies to ants as well.
When one ant finds a source of food, it can lay down an invisible scent trail of pheromones that lets other members of its colony know about the find, and quickly brings many more ants to the same location. Because of this, it’s important to prevent even a small number of ants from congregating inside your home. The following are some ways to protect your home from ants:
  • Keep all surfaces clean of food and crumbs. Because ants are attracted to food, it’s important not to leave anything out on your countertops that they could gain access to. Make sure to wipe down countertops and sweep the floors periodically. Keeping a clean kitchen goes a long way.
  • Store food in airtight containers above the ground. Even when food is stored away, boxes and containers must be closed and higher than ground level. This applies to pet food as well—ensure it’s stored in a sealed container that ants can’t get inside.
  • Seal off entry points to your home. Odds are your home may have some cracks around windows and doors that can provide a route inside for ants and other small insects. Seal these off with caulk and ensure that all doors are weatherproofed.
  • Talk to your pest control provider about preventative treatments. Nature’s Gate Pest Control can create a specialized treatment plan for your home. Most often, part of this plan entails using our eco-friendly products to form a barrier around your home that keeps pests out.
If you spot signs of an ant infestation, give us a call so our technicians can give you a professional recommendation and personalized action plan for dealing with the issue.

How can Nature's Gate help with ant control near me?

When you need ant control services in St. George and the surrounding areas, you have several ant control companies to choose from. See for yourself why Nature’s Gate Sustainable Pest Control stands out from the crowd. We have all the tools we need to keep the structural integrity of your home sound and your gardens pest-free. If you’re worried about dangerous pesticides threatening the appearance and health of your yard or storefront while taking care of an outdoor ant problem, the worry is over! Our ant control treatments are eco-friendly because the safety of your family and property is our priority. Our competitive pricing will eliminate all your pest problems in the most cost-effective way possible, so don’t let price delay you from contacting us and risk the colony growing each passing day.