There’s plenty to do in Enterprise, Utah. The annual corn festival means live music, entertainment, food, shopping, and excitement in the air. Year-round, you can enjoy camping, hunting, hiking, ATV riding, walking trails, and boating and fishing in one of the many lakes nearby. Enterprise is a great place to live or visit.

How to Handle Unwanted Pests in Enterprise, UT

The dry, arid climate of Enterprise means it gets really hot in the summer and harsh and chilly in the winters. These two extreme climates lead insects and rodents to the inside of your house or business. All these great outdoor activities and festivals that Enterprise has to offer mean there will be a spike in tourism at certain times of the year.

If you are one of those enterprising individuals that like to offer people a place to stay by converting your extra space into a BnB or guesthouse, you need to make sure pests aren’t staying too. Any place that is uninhabited for extended periods is more likely to get a bug infestation than a place that people live in. And that will definitely affect your ratings! Let us give your BnB or guesthouse the special Nature’s Gate pest control treatment before the tourist season starts, and it will be 5 stars all the way!

Common Pests in Enterprise


Silverfish like to live between the folds of books and papers. They nibble the edges off old books, newspapers, paper products, and wallpaper. They’re even partial to cereals, wheat flour, clothes, linen, and anything containing starch. Given time, they will make short work of your prized book collection.


Mosquitoes love the heat and come out at night to buzz in your ear and bite you. Not only are their bites very irritating, but mosquitoes can also carry diseases like dengue fever and malaria. Repellents and sprays only work for so long. When you have mosquitoes by the dozens, they need to be dealt with by professionals.


Flies may be the most ubiquitous yet least noticed house pest. Flies are persistent and annoying, carrying germs and diseases as they are equally at home on trash as your delicious food. No one wants to sit around swatting flies all day since you have better things to do with your time. We can handle your problem on the fly!

Nature’s Gate is Your Best Choice for Enterprise Pest Control Services

When you need wasp control, spider control, mosquito control, or ant control, Enterprise has several pest control companies, but none like Nature’s Gate. Our team of experts knows how to get the job done in a crunch. We are fast and efficient, and our methods are sustainable and eco-friendly. Contact us today to say goodbye to all your pest problems in Enterprise, Utah!