Washington City



Washington City is one of the fastest-growing communities in southwestern Utah. As part of the metropolitan area of St. George, the town has seen a doubling of the population since 2010 thanks to the development of businesses and industry close by. Named after the first president of the United States, Washington City is part of the Dixie area. In the 1800s, pioneers moving to the area tried to plant cotton as a valuable textile; though the experiment didn’t go as expected, St. George and Washington remained an important part of the trail between Utah and those headed to California.

How to Find Pests in Washington, UT

The deserts of the southwest come with their own special collection of creepy crawlies and pest problems. Perhaps the primary issue with these pests is identifying them and taking care of them as early as possible. As you might expect, all critters need three things: a source of water, a source of food, and a place to call home. Unfortunately, if they find all three of these in your house, they may just claim your home for their own!

Washington is a city of both old and new construction, and each type has its own ways to scope out pests before they become a problem. In new buildings and homes, insects and rodents can live in the foundation even during construction. And in older homes, insects can burrow and weaken long-built wooden beams and foundations. Keep a sharp eye out for these pests and call on Nature’s Gate Pest Control for a fast and effective solution.

Common Types of Pest Control in Washington, UT

Of all the insidious insects you can find in your home, none can wreak more havoc than termites. These tiny and translucent-white bugs create nests beneath the crawlspace of homes where they devour their favorite food: the wood of your home. The wood they chew on turns into cellulose that they can more easily digest. Over time, termites can weaken supports until they simply can’t support the structure.


Many types of spiders live in the red rock deserts of Utah, including the wolf spider, the brown recluse, and perhaps the worst of them all, black widows. Many of these spiders can be dangerous to adults and children alike and love hiding in the dark spaces of homes and buildings. They can multiply fast if given enough resources. Our spider control in Washington can keep spiders outside and away from your property.


If you spot a mouse inside your home, good chances are there are many more waiting inside! Mice will eat just about anything, from the cereal boxes in your pantry to the compost pile you may have in the backyard. They make nests in dark and secluded spaces where they raise their young. If not taken care of fast enough, mice multiply amazingly quickly.

Professional Pest Control Washington, Utah

If you spot any of these pests in or around your home, don’t wait for them to cause any damage or pain to you and your family. Call on the pest control experts at Nature’s Gate Pest Control. We can give an inspection of your building and take care of any pests you find. Give us a call today for pest control services in Washington, UT!