For most people, listening to the sounds of crickets on a warm summer’s night has created wonderful memories. Their chirping is unmistakable. The problem that comes with crickets is when they become too numerous and a very loud nuisance in your yard. It’s worse when they get into your home through gaps in your torn window screens or doors, chirping endlessly but being almost impossible to catch. The last thing you want in your home is a cricket infestation! Nature’s Gate Pest Control in St. George, UT, can assist you in driving these noisy creatures away from your yard and out of your home.

What kind of crickets do I have to look out for in St. George?

There are several types of crickets that make St. George their home: cave (camel) crickets, field crickets, ground crickets, house crickets, tree crickets, mole crickets, and Jerusalem crickets. Their appearances range from browns to grays and blacks.
With the warm temperatures we have in St. George, cricket pest control becomes very important, as crickets are easily drawn to areas of high moisture. This includes compost, garbage cans, and indoors where leaks may be occurring.

What general concerns should I have with crickets?

Crickets seek habitats that are warm and dark, and they like to come inside when the temperature dips outside. They love making a home in kitchens, furnace rooms, and crevices behind baseboards, making them exceedingly difficult to trap. They usually find their way into homes through gardens and compost piles to find more plentiful food sources and protection from the weather.
Crickets don’t have a harmful bite for humans. But the waste they leave behind often contains disgusting and harmful bacteria like E. Coli, salmonella, and a variety of worms. Handling the waste of crickets can also cause rashes and sores to form on the hands and feet. And if they find their way into your food, ingesting cricket waste can make you incredibly sick. There is no doubt you want these pests out of your home in no time, especially if you have children and indoor pets.
Another problem with crickets is that they lay eggs at an alarming rate. While the cricket lifespan is relatively short (about 90 days), females can lay up to 100 eggs in her lifetime. These eggs, too, are concealed in tight spaces and can make infestations happen very quickly. Crickets can feed on just about everything in a home, including:
  • Carpet fibers
  • Furniture
  • Hung or cast-off clothing
  • Curtains
  • Wallpaper
  • Discarded garbage and plant matter

How We Can Help

Nature’s Gate specializes in getting rid of all sorts of pests in a safe and effective manner. With crickets specifically, we secure entry points such as doors and windows and use chemicals that are biodegradable and safe for families. Additionally, we use traps and equipment guaranteed to make pests go away permanently.

If you are plagued by pests in St. George, Utah, or anywhere in the surrounding area, give us at Nature’s Gate Pest Control a call and schedule an appointment for one of our pest technicians to come check out your property. You can also contact us through our contact page, and we will answer you promptly! We will do a full evaluation and answer any questions you may have about our process and tools. Let’s take care of your cricket problem today!