In 1867, when the neighboring town of Harrisburg was flooded, people moved to a nearby town called Bennington. It was soon renamed Leeds, after Leeds, England, where many of its settlers had originally come from.

Leeds’s proximity to Silver Reef and the Pine Valley Mountains has allowed the city to seamlessly transition from agriculture to tourism as its main source of income. Tourist season brings countless people to Leeds, seeking adventure and thrills in an idyllic setting.

Dealing with Pests and Insects in Leeds, UT

Like most of Utah, Leeds has a mostly arid climate with hot summers and cold winters. These extreme climates mean insects seek refuge within your home or commercial space from the intensity of the weather. Having pests is not something you want when your city is a well-known tourist spot. Nothing makes would-be tourists run for the hills faster than reading bad reviews or seeing the dwindling stars online.

Even with spotless cleaning, you can find a pest infestation on your property since it has less to do with filth than with opportunity. If it’s not properly taken care of, pests will return, which is why you need to call in the experts. Nature’s Gate Pest Control has what it takes to remove your commercial or residential pest problem in Leeds, Utah.

Common Pests in Leeds, UT


Millipedes may look like the stuff of nightmares, but they are quite harmless. These insects get a bad rap but are great for your garden—they help turn your compost into mulch and plant food. However, no one really wants millipedes inside with them!


Scorpions thrive in dry, arid climates, which is why Utah is their backyard. They kill their prey through the poison in their sting, and though their poison isn’t enough to seriously harm a human, a scorpion sting is very painful and can cause a great deal of swelling. If you see a scorpion in your home, do not attempt to dispose of it yourself. It’s best to get in touch with us to let the professionals handle it.


Most spiders are harmless. They like to be left alone and can help keep the fly and insect population in check. However, arachnophobia can be quite severe for some people, and spider webs are difficult to get rid of. Southern Utah has some dangerous spiders like the brown recluse and huntsman spider. Our method of spider control in Leeds is sustainable, eco-friendly, and effective.

Turn to Nature’s Gate for Leeds Pest Control

Don’t wait until a small problem becomes a full-blown infestation. Our team of pest control experts can handle anything you throw at them. Bugs, rodents, insects, vermin, we can do it all. Our pest control is sustainable, effective, and green. Call us today to get rid of the pests that are plaguing you in Leeds, Utah!