Spider Pest Control in St. George

These pests don’t often search for prey; they let prey come to them. They love dark spaces. Some are lethal to humans, some are dangerous for children and pets, but all of them are horrifying to anyone with arachnophobia. Thanks to the dry desert climate of southwest Utah, the spiders native to St. George are unique due to their hardy nature and ability to make even the smallest crevices and corners their own.

One spider in the home can already feel alarming to some, but dealing with an infestation can feel overwhelming, especially if you are familiar with the different species of arachnids in the area. If you are suddenly seeing (or even feeling) more spider webs than you think is normal, this quick guide can help you discover the best ways to identify the spiders in your home. If you realize the problem has become too much to handle on your own, consider letting a professional remove spiders for you and keep them from coming back.

What kind of spiders will I have to watch out for in St. George?

Southern Utah is home to several distinct spider species, and it’s natural to fear them. These include




black widow spiders
desert recluse spiders
hobo spiders




wolf spiders
banded orb-weaver spiders
ground spiders

The black widow spider and desert recluse spider are poisonous, with venomous bites that warrant an immediate need for medical attention. Black widow bites will elicit various symptoms, such as fever, nausea, headaches, muscle cramps, torso pains, dizziness, and other ailments that accelerate over time. Desert recluse spider bites damage the skin and tissue, leaving an open wound that takes much longer to heal. These spiders can be especially dangerous for young children and pets. If you do believe you’ve been bitten, be prepared to safely identify the spider and give all your symptoms to a medical professional, as symptoms may vary with the individual.

There are also less dangerous spiders in the areas around St. George, such as the hobo spider, wolf spider, banded orb weaver spider, and ground spider. Their venom isn’t strong enough to harm humans, but they are still quite dangerous to children and animals. Worse, their presence may signal another problem. Spiders of any species come to feed where there’s prey. If you start seeing more than just one or two common house spiders, it could mean that they have found sources of food that could attract more dangerous species. Don’t wait for a more significant pest infestation!

What general concerns should I have?

The first serious problem that can arise due to an infestation of arachnids is the danger of bites. The second issue is that spiders will multiply and congregate where food is plentiful. As you can imagine, if you have a spider infestation, there is a good chance you also have an overabundance of ants, flies, cockroaches, and other pests that help spiders thrive. Whether inside a home, a commercial business, or an office, none of this is good!

An infestation of spiders can also lead to anxiety and sleepless nights for those on your property that fear them the most. Certain allergies can be aggravated due to the presence of dead spiders and the remains of their prey, and various pollen and debris can get trapped in their webs. Just like any unwanted insect presence, an abundance of arachnids in your garage, kitchen, and pantry areas will increase the risk of food contamination.

How can Nature's Gate help?

Our experts at Nature’s Gate don’t fear the unwanted eight-legged guests within your domain. We’ll take care of them quickly, so you can rest easy sooner rather than later. We’ll safely eliminate spiders, nests, and webs with a process that doesn’t use harmful pesticides, protecting the health of both humans and animals in the area. Is there another pest infestation going on that enticed the spiders in the first place? We can help with this too! We are trained to deal with more than ten different pest species, and our competitive pricing will eliminate all your pest problems in the most cost-effective way possible.

You don’t have to deal with dangerous spiders on your own! Contact us for a free quote if you’re dealing with a spider problem in the St. George area, and we’ll tell you why no one will be more dedicated and professional about getting you the pest control help you need.