La Verkin


Established in 1903, La Verkin is a city with mysterious name origins that has thrived as a community due to the creation of the Hurricane and La Verkin Canals. This rural destination is surrounded by mountains, canyons, and plenty of trails in between. The neighborhoods feature a growing business district and school system for those that settle here like the pioneers, and families have plenty of local events to frequent on holidays and summer days. Just a quick 15 miles and 26 minutes away from Zion National Park and thriving near their own 344-acre natural park, Confluence Park, La Verkin is a recreational haven for both residents and visitors alike.

Getting Rid of Pests and Vermin in La Verkin

La Verkin is dry all year round, as typical of a Southern Utah city, with scorching summers and cold, cloudy winters. That means all the creatures crawling from the national parks into the suburbs are looking for shade from the sun and warmth from the cold all year long.

Rodents look to make nests in places with an abundance of food, away from the barren desert area. Certain species of cockroaches, earwigs, and scorpions look for any place with moisture, either outside or inside your home. Additionally, the more insects that congregate, the more spiders take that as an invitation to crash the party.

The growing business and tourist industry in La Verkin is dependent on clean facilities and local spots for visitors to eat and stay. No guest wants to share a room or private suite with a four, six, or eight-legged roommate they didn’t bring with them. If you’re in the hotel business or rent a room Airbnb-style for the abundance of hikers that pass through the area, you may want to review your pest situation to increase your ratings when your invited guests leave.

Just like the invasive tree species in Confluence Park, Nature’s Gate will help remove invasive pests from your space in La Verkin, whether that be with our residential pest control or commercial pest control services.

Here are just a few of the species of pests that can make life difficult for residents in La Verkin:

Roaches are resilient, making them an even more dangerous, high health-hazard pest to contend with. They are drawn to places with moisture and exposed food sources, and the four species that thrive in the Southern Utah area rarely survive well outdoors. That is going to make your open door the first place that cockroaches will go to breed and spread disease unless they are dealt with appropriately.


When termites invade your house or business, they bring an entire colony of their family and friends to destroy the place. Termites don’t hibernate, so they are a danger to your wood structures the entire year-round. Infestations can cause irreparable damage to the foundation of a building if not taken care of professionally and quickly.


Though earwigs don’t actually burrow into people’s brains and lay eggs in their ear canals, as often believed, they still pose a risk because of how many eggs they lay and how quickly they reproduce. Earwigs can bring bacteria into a home or business through their droppings and offspring. If you’ve got a nice, moist place for them to hide in, your building may be the next place they choose to settle down.

Pest Control La Verkin

When you have a pest infestation on your hands, you need to treat the issue as quickly as possible. Our trained team of technicians is ready to help with your pest problem in La Verkin. No matter what kind of pests you have, we’ll be able to find a solution that works for you and your property without hurting the environment. If you need La Verkin pest control, contact us at Nature’s Gate Pest Control to get your peace of mind back today!