How 7 Common Pests React to Rain

Just like people, pests of all shapes and sizes don’t enjoy being stuck in the rain. At Nature’s Gate Pest Control, we’ve seen how rain forces insects and rodents to adapt, and that means trouble for homeowners more often than not. Utah weather may be unpredictable when it comes to downpours, but when those April showers roll in, nearly everything goes for the high ground… and that might mean the dry comfort of your home!

Here is how seven common Utah pests react to rain and how you can spot them before they become a real problem.

Black Ants

Ants are a burrowing insect. Whether their colonies are large or small, when it starts to rain, their tunnels can flood, leaving them in a serious fight for survival. To save their colonies, they will resume digging in a warm, dry place. This often means right next to buildings, especially underneath decking and patios.


Often building small dens or beds in dark crevices, mice require warmth and comfort to reproduce. Moisture certainly gives them the water they need, but if their nests get flooded, they will go for higher and dryer ground. This can spell trouble for your attic or roof.


Also a famous tunneling species, moles endure rainstorms much like ants: they burrow near or under anything that will keep them protected from the water. This may be bad news for your home or outdoor shed, but it can also be trouble for trees.

Yellow Jackets

If you have ever tried to spray a hornet’s nest with your backyard hose to “make them go away,” you know very well that they are very adaptable to water. In fact, water makes them irritable and aggressive. If a yellow jacket nest is nearby, stay very far away from it after a heavy storm. Do your best to keep your children and pets away as well.

Earwigs and Silverfish

Earwigs and silverfish thrive in moist areas, especially in gardens and compost pits. Contrary to popular belief, however, there is such a thing as too much moisture. Much like worms, water will drive them to the surface and towards dry ground. Keep an eye on your floor, they may come for a visit if there’s a way inside!


Similarly, cockroaches love water and multiply rapidly with enough food and moisture. Rainstorms will drive them indoors, and as nocturnal scavengers, they may be tricky to spot right away. Keep your pantry dry and all food sealed, and be on the lookout for roach droppings that signal their arrival.

Remove Pests From Your Home With Nature’s Gate Pest Control

If you discover pests in your home after a strong storm, don’t try to exterminate them yourself; the problem may be bigger than you realize. Call Nature’s Gate Pest Control for a full inspection of your property. Once we find the source of the problem, our proven pest removal methods and techniques will ensure they stay gone. Give us a call today!