What to Do to Keep Rodents out of Your Home

When it comes to unwanted pests, rodents—rats and mice—top the list. They carry diseases and can create a mess in your house. They can chew through the wires and insulation, create unwanted noise, and are a potential health risk to you and your family.

During the fall season, your house is especially vulnerable as the rodents try to find a warm place to live during the winter. Whether you’re fighting off a rodent infestation or preparing to ward off one, it’s essential to identify conditions that can attract rodents into your home. Here’s a simple checklist that can help you protect your home.

Inspect the House for Entry Points

The fact is that rodents need very little space to slip into the comfortable interiors of your home. Even as little as a quarter of an inch can give them just enough space to squeeze through. You need to inspect the walls and foundations of your house and the joints around the windows and door sills as well then seal any cracks. If you have a chimney, make sure to put a cap on it to prevent entry.

Inside the house, also look at the draining, vents, pipes, and appliance lines to find any access points. Rats and mice love to use insulation for a cozy home. If there’s any open insulation, make sure to cover it up as well.

Sanitize and Remove Food and Water Sources

One of the things that make rodents a difficult pest to control is that they need very little food and water to survive. They can eat almost anything. They can scavenge through the trash or any food left out and kill small insects and animals.

To prevent infestation, sanitation is essential. Make sure that you clean up all discarded pieces of food and that you don’t have any trash lying around either outdoors or indoors. Keep a sealed lid on all the garbage cans. Remove uneaten food at night and clean common crumb areas.

When it comes to food storage, you want to store all your dry food, pet food, and bird feed in sealed metal, glass, or plastic containers. Store the containers above ground level on shelves or cabinets.

Use Simple Home Remedies

A few simple natural repellents can discourage a rat infestation. These include peppermint oil, black pepper, cayenne pepper, or clove oil. These oils are known to irritate a rodent’s nasal passages and discourage them from entering the house. Generously apply the substance in the exteriors of your house, specifically between the foundation and ground.

Call a Professional Pest Control Company

Your safest bet would be calling a pest control company because DIY methods are rarely as effective as calling an expert. At Nature’s Gate Pest Control, our exterminators have years of professional experience in dealing with all kinds of pest infestations. We use the best products and tools to ensure the safety of your home with due care and diligence.