What You Need to Know About Fall & Spiders

With Halloween around the corner, we’re starting to see more spiders. From decorations to candies, spiders are everywhere. But fake spider decorations aren’t the only ones out there this fall. More real spiders are coming out too. But why is it that we see more spiders during the fall?

House Spiders Aren’t Garden Spiders

While many think outdoor spiders, or garden spiders, migrate indoors during the fall for warmth, this isn’t true. House spiders aren’t the same species as garden spiders. In fact, garden spiders won’t be coming into your home at all this autumn. House spiders have been in your home the entire time due to the controlled climate and good food and water supply. So why are we only seeing them during the fall?

Why Do Spiders Come Out During the Fall?

Spiders typically stay in the same place their entire life, whether than be in your basement, under a table, or anywhere else in your home. If you do see more spiders during the fall, it will typically be male spiders looking for a mate. While fall isn’t the only time male spiders wander for a mate, certain species are known to come out during the fall.

You may also be seeing more spiders during the autumn because it gets darker earlier. You typically won’t see indoor spiders during the day. They like to remain hidden until the sun goes down, which is when they come out. With the sun setting earlier and earlier, you are likely to see more spiders wandering your home before you go to bed during the fall as opposed to the summer.

Spiders Hide in Areas Near Food Sources

If you’re looking to rid your house of spiders this fall, whether you have a fear or a general dislike of them, there are many common areas they tend to hide, especially if there is a food source nearby. Most spiders do prefer dark, secluded areas that avoid sunlight. You can find spiders living in any of the following areas: basements, garages, corners, windows, underneath and behind furniture, in cabinets and closets, in small cracks, and in boxes. Many of these areas provide the ideal environment for house spiders. If any area of your home has insects such as flies, cockroaches, ants, beetles, termites, or mosquitos, spiders are especially likely to make their home near where these insects are prevalent.

While spiders are more beneficial to your home than harmful (they eat other insects that find their way into your home), there’s a big difference between decorative Halloween spiders and real spiders crawling around your home. When you want to prevent spiders from making your house their home, enlist the help of Nature’s Gate Sustainable Pest Control to get rid of any spiders in your house.