Why Winter Pest Control is Important

Many people think of pests as a problem only for spring and summer, but the truth is that pests can cause property damage and safety risks year-round. In fact, some pests are more active in the winter than they are when it’s warm, and many others never go inactive.

Winter pest control is an excellent idea if you want to get effective pest prevention and avoid costly or dangerous risks. Learn why winter pest control matters and reach out today to Nature’s Gate Pest Control to get started with protecting your home or business.

Reason 1: Many Pests Overwinter Inside Buildings

Did you know that many pests look for shelter inside your home or business once the weather cools? Species like stink bugs, flies, box elder bugs, and more will become inactive in the winter, but they don't go away entirely. Instead, they'll find shelter and assemble there. Then, as spring comes again, they'll emerge around your building.

A winter pest control service is a must to prevent pests from overwintering where you live or work.

Reason 2: Some Species Cause Damage Year Round

While some pests go mostly dormant in the winter, others do not. Some of the worst pests are active regardless of what month it is, so you'll want to get regular pest control treatment to keep them at bay.

One of the biggest concerns for winter pest issues is rodents. Mice and rats are common household invaders, and they can cause property damage and spread illnesses. And, while they are also active in the spring and summer, they're more likely to seek shelter deep indoors during the coldest months. Winter pest control can keep rodents from invading and spreading.

Reason 3: Southern Utah Has a More Moderate Climate

While it does get colder in the winter and even occasionally snows, most areas of Southern Utah aren't as brisk as in the northern parts of the state. So, while many pests will still go through a normal life cycle, some species are more active here throughout the year. It's wise to protect your home from many common pests regardless of the time of year.

Reason 4: Winter Pest Control Deters Termite Damage

Termites are another pest that is active constantly. Because they tunnel and live inside wooden structures or underground, they will eat through wooden items non-stop. So, if you want to protect your residential or commercial property from termites, it's important to get regular treatments.

Protect Your Home or Business from Winter Pest Problems

While pests can cause property damage or pose health risks, you can protect yourself and others through year-round pest control. If you've noticed pest issues around your property this winter, Nature's Gate Pest Control is ready to help. Contact us today to request a pest treatment from our sustainable pest control team.